It pays to know.

Inefficient travel payments create payment delays and increase fraud and default risk. eNett’s innovative travel payment solutions are making payments fast, easy and safe.

The B2B payment revolution has begun and we’re excited to help you take advantage of it.

Get paid on time. Every time.

Say farewell to payment delays and defaults.

eNett VANs are a secure and immediate way to be paid. Accepted through the world’s fastest processing network – Mastercard – VANs don’t require changes to existing payment processes or technologies. Guaranteed.

Grow your agency channel.

Direct relationships with travel retailers increase distribution scope and offer new commercial opportunities. Payment solutions that reduce the administrative burden of payment collection can facilitate such relationships. That’s where we come in…

We’re travel specialists. We can support customers in more than 70 countries and generate VANs in over 40 currencies. eNett provides unrivalled opportunities for suppliers to access the travel retail network. We can on-board agencies within days.

Companies like AirAsia recognise the benefits of offering the agency channel exclusive rates, facilitated by superior payment processes…



“We’re committed to offering the most competitive fares in the market. Reducing the cost of booking means agents can use these savings to offer the lowest prices to their customers. It also means we can reduce the cost of processing payments and incentivise agents to book with us, keeping our cost base down and supporting
our rapid expansion globally.”

Rayner Teo Kheng Hock
AirAsia’s Group Head of Sales