Game changed. For travel consolidators.

Let’s face it; payment transactions can be skewed to the side of the supplier. After all, it’s often the supplier who sets the terms, requires bonding and offers little protection in the event of default.

The good news for consolidators is that your purchasing power can shift this dynamic. Couple that with a safe and low cost payment solution, and you’re back in control.

How do VANs work?

Embedded into the Travelport Travel Commerce Platform, eNett VANs are also seamlessly integrated with Amadeus, Sabre and Abacus desktops. And, our Application Programming Interface (API) is available for easy integration with any proprietary booking or back-office accounting tool.

So, while you’re taking bookings, we’re making sure your suppliers get paid on time, every time, whatever their payment cycle.

Powering cash flow.

Traditional payment processes are often antiquated and serve to protect the supplier. While we work within the constraints of existing industry protocols, we aim to provide value across the entire travel value chain. That means more protection and revenue for you.

Backed by the MasterCard guarantee, eNett VANs reduce supplier-bonding requirements while also protecting consolidators from supplier default. In fact, one of our customers has recovered over $2M in chargebacks since they started using VANs in 2012. In the event of one of your supplier’s defaulting, could you do the same?

Automate. Integrate. Reap the rewards.

Is the BSP cycle simple for you, or something you dread?

It’s no surprise that demand for payment automation is increasing and that eNett VANs are at the forefront of helping agencies spend less time processing and reconciling, and more time on profit-generating activities.

eNett VANs are embedded into Travelport’s Travel Commerce Platform, and seamlessly integrated with Amadeus, Sabre and Abacus desktops as well as third party booking platforms. Our comprehensive API is simple to use and easily integrated to drive fast implementation of eNett VANs.

And, with real-time reporting and 100% data matching capabilities, you’ll be cutting your accounts payable costs and negotiating better supplier rates in no time. Don’t believe us? Check out a few of our customers who are already reaping the rewards…

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