Simplifying payments to achieve more. With less.

Growing competition and tightening margins mean today’s leisure agencies need to achieve even more, with less.

While payments may not be an obvious enabler, simplifying payment processing is a relatively quick and easy way to reduce risk and inject more cash into your business.

Not to mention the time savings. Paying your suppliers with VANs, allows your consultants to spend less time on processing and reconciliation and more time with customers.

How do VANs work?

eNett VANs can be easily generated in a variety of ways. Use our payment portal, leverage our existing integrations with all major GDS and booking tools, or implement our Application Programming Interface (API) so that you never have to leave your existing workflow.

However you choose to generate VANs, be assured that your suppliers will be paid in accordance with your specific payment parameters and policies.

Safe and secure.

Fraud and supplier default are the biggest concerns for 40% of the industry*. Backed by the Mastercard guarantee and generating unique card numbers against set parameters, eNett VANs maximise protection against both. We’ve put together a quick video to show you how.

*PhoCusWright Payments Unsettled Report 2013.

Don’t compromise. Compete with content.

Although it’s often not the obvious choice, payments are a quick and simple way to reduce exposure to your increasingly complex supplier network.

In addition to the security benefits mentioned above, you’ll save up to 3% on international payments through a range of FX options+. So you can do business with more suppliers, anywhere in the world, with peace of mind.

eNett VANs also facilitate immediate payment, providing you with access to discounted, low cost and dynamic rates.

Pass on the savings to your customers, or use them to invest in other areas of your business.

+eNett analysis of bank fees and charges.

Get started.

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