Integrated Payments with Travelport desktop

Seamless payments from Travelport's platform

Only eNett VANs are deeply embedded into Travelport's Travel Commerce Platform, including Travelport Galileo, Travelport Apollo and Travelport Worldspan, as well as Travelport Smartpoint and Focalpoint points of sale.

How eNett works with Travelport

Thanks to eNett and Travelport's exclusive partnership, you can make payments directly from Travelport's desktop. With a simple VAN command, eNett returns the card number, expiry and CVV details directly into the PNR â with no need to leave your desktop or copy details between screens.

How VANs work

Each VAN is a unique 16-digit MasterCard number. VANs are processed like a normal credit card payment, and are accepted online wherever a supplier accepts MasterCard.

Integration benefits

For travel agents, VANs reduce risk, save costs, and deliver a rebate for every transaction* - irrespective of agency size and payment volumes. For travel suppliers, VANs ensure payments are made immediately. Using VANs also opens up access to agents across multiple markets and currencies - meaning suppliers can strike up new working relationships, and agencies can grow their businesses, cost-effectively.

Importantly, VANs can protect against fraud and supplier default - thanks to MasterCard's guarantee. And, by integrating into agency workflows, eNett VANs are unique in making the payments process much quicker.

*VANs terms and conditions apply