Better payments, better business performance.

We create awesome payments solutions that benefit our customers. And their customers. Our fast, easy, safe B2B payment solutions reduce risk and facilitate even more travel content. At a lower cost. And they’re easily integrated into existing travel booking workflows. Simplifying supplier payments, so time and cost efficiencies go straight to your bottom line.

eNett VANs.

What are VANs?

A Virtual Account Number, or VAN, is an automatically generated 16-digit MasterCard number that simplifies payments between travel agencies and their suppliers. Because a unique number is used for each new booking or payment transaction, VANs are a secure way to pay or be paid.

Why do I need them?

eNett VANs protect against fraud and supplier default. Each unique 16-digit VAN has associated payment parameters and is protected by MasterCard’s guarantee. By integrating with agency workflows, eNett VANs also make the entire payments process much quicker and more efficient.

eNett EFT: payments made easy.

eNett Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a payment and clearing system, specifically designed for the Australian and New Zealand travel industries. eNett EFT lets you send and receive payments to and from your travel suppliers. You’ll find integrated accounts payable and receivable in one simple system. And you'll gain real-time access to key management and financial reports.  

Why use eNett EFT?

Secure payments

Secure electronic payments ensure your funds are protected.

No charges

No transaction fee to make payments.

Real-time reconciliation

Reconcile payments and analyse payment data in real-time.

Smarter working

Desktop integration means you're not entering text twice. And because you can choose suppliers from drop-down menus, you don't need to remember codes.

Easy payment management

It's easy to manage aggregated payments through one debit and one credit banking transaction a day.

Seamless integration

eNett EFT data integrates seamlessly with your existing back-office accounting systems.