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Cosa sono i VAN?

Un numero di conto virtuale (Virtual Account Number, VAN) è un numero MasterCard di 16 cifre generato automaticamente che rende i pagamenti tra le agenzie di viaggio e i loro fornitori più veloci, facili e sicuri.

Poiché ogni numero è usato per una singola prenotazione o transazione di pagamento, i VAN consentono di pagare o ricevere pagamenti in modo sicuro. Inoltre, i VAN si integrano perfettamente nei flussi di prenotazione esistenti e si possono utilizzare per agevolare i pagamenti ovunque MasterCard sia accettata online.

Perché mi servono?

Oltre a essere veloci, facili e sicuri, i VAN facilitano contenuti di viaggio a basso costo, consentendo alle agenzie di viaggio di servire al meglio i clienti e far crescere la propria attività in modo redditizio.

Per i fornitori di viaggio, i VAN offrono pagamenti immediati garantiti, con accesso a una più ampia rete di agenzie in tutto il mondo. 

I VAN proteggono inoltre dalle frodi e dall’inadempienza dei fornitori, che rappresentano le principali preoccupazioni relative ai pagamenti nel settore*. Ogni VAN univoco di 16 cifre ha parametri di pagamento associati ed è protetto dalla garanzia MasterCard. Integrandosi ai flussi di lavoro dell’agenzia, i VAN di eNett semplificano inoltre le procedure di pagamento rendendole più veloci ed efficienti. 

* PhoCusWright – Rapporto sui pagamenti 2013

Pagamenti innovativi a portata di mano per la tua agenzia.

Effettuare pagamenti ai fornitori non deve essere laborioso. I VAN si integrano nei flussi di lavoro esistenti per velocizzare e semplificare la procedura.

Attraverso la riconciliazione automatizzata, i VAN generano significativi guadagni in termini di efficienza, con conseguente risparmio di tempo e denaro. Oltre a guadagnare una commissione su ogni transazione*, puoi risparmiare fino al 3% sui pagamenti internazionali attraverso una serie di opzioni di cambio.

eNett supporta le agenzie di viaggio in più di 70 Paesi e genera VAN in oltre 30 valute. Sei pronto per iniziare? Possiamo metterti in condizione di operare nel giro di pochi giorni.

*Si applicano i termini e condizioni dei VAN.

Pagamenti veloci garantiti per i fornitori di viaggio.

In qualità di fornitore di viaggio, saprai che i ritardi nei pagamenti possono risultare costosi per la tua attività. Ma, con i VAN, vieni pagato immediatamente ed è garantito.

Puoi anche ottimizzare l’inventario offrendo tariffe dinamiche e nette per il pagamento immediato. E poiché siamo in grado di mettere gli agenti in condizione di operare nel giro di pochi giorni, puoi accedere a una più ampia rete di agenzie a livello globale. Senza dimenticare che i VAN sono trattati come una normale carta di pagamento, per cui non devi apportare alcuna modifica alle procedure esistenti.

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Informazioni su eNett: Semplificare I pagamenti per farti concentrare sulla tua attività.

eNett International è stata fondata per affrontare a viso aperto la questione dei pagamenti per il settore viaggi B2B. Grazie a decenni di esperienza nei pagamenti e a una profonda conoscenza del settore viaggi, stiamo aprendo la strada allo sviluppo di soluzioni di pagamento B2B innovative, che rendono i pagamenti veloci, facili e sicuri. Il risultato? Passi meno tempo a fare pagamenti e più tempo con i clienti.

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Ultimo comunicato stampa.

14 Aug 2017
eNett wins four awards at the Stevie Awards 2017
eNett International, a leading provider of B2B payment solutions for the travel industry, has won four Stevie® Awards at the 14th Annual International Business Awards. This includes a Gold for Fastest-growing Company of the Year; Silver for Marketing Campaign of the Year in Financial Products & Services; Silver for Executive of the Year in the Financial Services category; and Bronze for Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of the Year. eNett won the Gold Stevie Award for Fastest-Growing Company of the Year for its hyper-growth performance. In 2016, eNett saw its global net revenue increase by 64% year-on-year to US$150m. It expanded into new markets and increased its headcount by 27%, reinforcing its transition from challenger to industry leader. The company has been led to success by CEO and founder Anthony Hynes, whose leadership was recognised with a Silver award for Executive of the Year in the Financial Services category. Anthony launched eNett in 2009 after creating Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) to solve the unique payment challenges affecting travel companies. Anthony took home the prize for his entrepreneurial achievements and leadership which continues to take the company from strength to strength. eNett’s “True Cost of Payments” campaign, which ran in 2016, shone a light on the high costs associated with B2B payments, and alternative methods designed to lower costs. Impressive metrics earnt the campaign a Silver award for Marketing Campaign of the Year in Financial Products & Services category. Finally, eNett was awarded a Bronze award in the Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of the Year for its CSR programme ‘Repay the eNett Way’. This initiative was launched to aid underprivileged communities in high tourism growth countries. The inaugural CSR project took place in Cambodia, where eNett supported a community in the disadvantaged town of Andong in Phnom Penh, including sending eNett employees to help out. eNett founder and CEO, Anthony Hynes, said, “I started eNett eight years ago, and built a team with a passion for solving payments pain points in travel. Since then, we have delivered impressive growth year-on-year, processing tens of billions of dollars in transaction flow from around the globe. To be recognised like this is testament to the dedication of the entire team who go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional customer experience.” Industry expert judges commented, “Anthony Hynes showed outstanding competencies in business growth, leading industry disruption, strategic innovative leadership, competitive evolution and strategic business development.” Regarding eNett’s offering, the judges commented, “eNett provided what will eventually become an indispensable go-to resource for the target audience. The CAGR over five years of 68% is a great achievement.” ENDS

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22 Jun 2017
Eight Entrepreneurial Essentials
Today marks eight years since we started on our journey to shake up the travel payments industry – and what a journey it’s been! From a tiny no-frills office near Heathrow airport, to offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and America. And we’re still expanding…..growing 64% YoY in 2016. As a founder, I get asked a lot about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. So, in honour of our eighth birthday, here are eight entrepreneurial essentials for success: 1. Be boldWhen it comes to funding, don’t be intimidated by a job title or a company name – think big and aim high! Don’t be afraid to knock on the door of the CEO. eNett wouldn’t have come about if I didn’t push hard to get a meeting with Travelport – a multi-billion dollar giant in the travel industry. 2. Make it countThey’re called ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities for a reason. So practice, be at your best and give it everything. Remember, investors are just as interested in your passion as your PowerPoint. When I got a chance to pitch to the MD of Travelport for investment, he had to cancel the meeting to catch a plane – so I pushed hard and he agreed to meet in the back of his taxi! We signed a joint venture a few months later.3. Be unwavering in your beliefIf you don’t have 100% belief in your offering, don’t bother. It’s that belief that’s going to give you the energy and tenacity to make it into reality. I was shocked at how old fashioned and manual payment processes were in the travel industry. That’s when I had my Eureka moment for Virtual Account Numbers. It was two years before the concept became reality, and required a lot of input from a lot of people, but I never doubted it, and was able to project that unshakeable confidence to others. 4. Scale up before you get customers – not afterIn today’s digital age, it’s never been more important to build your infrastructure today based on anticipated demand five years down the line. Nothing gives a poor customer experience more than not being able to log in on your website. Think like a big company from the outset! 5. Hire the best peopleI’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, but the truth is you’re only as good as the team around you. Take the time and effort to find and hire the best people, and it will pay dividends. Never be afraid to hire people better than you. As I always say, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” 6. Cultural fit firstAttitude first, then aptitude! Hire people who will fit in and support the culture of the brand you want to promote. This is especially important in the early stages of a company. My view is you can always teach skills, but you can’t teach culture. 7. Talk to your customersThis may seem obvious, but I’ve seen too many great companies think they know what customers want, without asking them! Talk to them, more importantly, listen to them, and be flexible enough to adjust your offering accordingly. Even as CEO I still talk to as many customers as I can. And fly over half a million miles a year to do so. My EA tells me that’s enough to get to the moon, but there’s no customers there, yet! 8. Always be asking: what’s next?Standing still is the same as going backwards! You need to look at where the trends are heading five years or ten years down the line and start planning for that now. That’s why market insights are so important. We transitioned from challenger to industry leader in such a short space of time because we anticipated trends like greater digitisation and more global travel, and amended our VANs offering to meet those trends well ahead of time. For more insights click here

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