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Cosa sono i VAN?

Un numero di conto virtuale (Virtual Account Number, VAN) è un numero MasterCard di 16 cifre generato automaticamente che rende i pagamenti tra le agenzie di viaggio e i loro fornitori più veloci, facili e sicuri.

Poiché ogni numero è usato per una singola prenotazione o transazione di pagamento, i VAN consentono di pagare o ricevere pagamenti in modo sicuro. Inoltre, i VAN si integrano perfettamente nei flussi di prenotazione esistenti e si possono utilizzare per agevolare i pagamenti ovunque MasterCard sia accettata online.

Perché mi servono?

Oltre a essere veloci, facili e sicuri, i VAN facilitano contenuti di viaggio a basso costo, consentendo alle agenzie di viaggio di servire al meglio i clienti e far crescere la propria attività in modo redditizio.

Per i fornitori di viaggio, i VAN offrono pagamenti immediati garantiti, con accesso a una più ampia rete di agenzie in tutto il mondo. 

I VAN proteggono inoltre dalle frodi e dall’inadempienza dei fornitori, che rappresentano le principali preoccupazioni relative ai pagamenti nel settore*. Ogni VAN univoco di 16 cifre ha parametri di pagamento associati ed è protetto dalla garanzia MasterCard. Integrandosi ai flussi di lavoro dell’agenzia, i VAN di eNett semplificano inoltre le procedure di pagamento rendendole più veloci ed efficienti. 

* PhoCusWright – Rapporto sui pagamenti 2013

Pagamenti innovativi a portata di mano per la tua agenzia.

Effettuare pagamenti ai fornitori non deve essere laborioso. I VAN si integrano nei flussi di lavoro esistenti per velocizzare e semplificare la procedura.

Attraverso la riconciliazione automatizzata, i VAN generano significativi guadagni in termini di efficienza, con conseguente risparmio di tempo e denaro. Oltre a guadagnare una commissione su ogni transazione*, puoi risparmiare fino al 3% sui pagamenti internazionali attraverso una serie di opzioni di cambio.

eNett supporta le agenzie di viaggio in più di 70 Paesi e genera VAN in oltre 30 valute. Sei pronto per iniziare? Possiamo metterti in condizione di operare nel giro di pochi giorni.

*Si applicano i termini e condizioni dei VAN.

Pagamenti veloci garantiti per i fornitori di viaggio.

In qualità di fornitore di viaggio, saprai che i ritardi nei pagamenti possono risultare costosi per la tua attività. Ma, con i VAN, vieni pagato immediatamente ed è garantito.

Puoi anche ottimizzare l’inventario offrendo tariffe dinamiche e nette per il pagamento immediato. E poiché siamo in grado di mettere gli agenti in condizione di operare nel giro di pochi giorni, puoi accedere a una più ampia rete di agenzie a livello globale. Senza dimenticare che i VAN sono trattati come una normale carta di pagamento, per cui non devi apportare alcuna modifica alle procedure esistenti.

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Informazioni su eNett: Semplificare I pagamenti per farti concentrare sulla tua attività.

eNett International è stata fondata per affrontare a viso aperto la questione dei pagamenti per il settore viaggi B2B. Grazie a decenni di esperienza nei pagamenti e a una profonda conoscenza del settore viaggi, stiamo aprendo la strada allo sviluppo di soluzioni di pagamento B2B innovative, che rendono i pagamenti veloci, facili e sicuri. Il risultato? Passi meno tempo a fare pagamenti e più tempo con i clienti.

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03 Jan 2018
Record-breaking year for eNett award wins
eNett International, a leading provider of B2B payment solutions for the travel industry, celebrates an award-winning year after taking home eight accolades in 2017. These included four Stevie® Awards at the 14th Annual International Business Awards, two Global Business Excellence Awards, an International CSR Excellence Award and a TravelMole Award. The year got off to a strong start when eNett was awarded an International CSR Excellence Award for its ‘Repay the eNett Way’ programme, recognising its first initiative in Cambodia. The team supported disadvantaged communities through fundraising activities, sending volunteers to improve local amenities and sponsoring two individuals to pursue careers in travel. eNett’s winning streak continued as it went on to take home two awards at the Global Business Excellence Awards for ‘Outstanding Executive’ and ‘Outstanding Fast-Growth Business’, celebrating the great leadership of CEO Anthony Hynes and the hard work shown by the team to increase net revenues by 64% in 2016. At the International Business Awards, eNett took home a record four Stevie’s. These included a Gold for Fastest-growing Company of the Year; Silver for Marketing Campaign of the Year in Financial Products & Services; Silver for Executive of the Year in the Financial Services category; and Bronze for Corporate Social Responsibility Programme of the Year. These awards distinguished eNett not only as leaders in B2B payments, but also as a successful international business. eNett ended 2017 with a bang by sealing a win for the Best Travel Payment Solution Provider in the TravelMole Awards. A leading travel industry publication, TravelMole highlighted eNett’s outstanding contribution to travel payments through its low-cost virtual card solution specifically tailored to the travel industry and extended currency suite, which allows more companies to trade in different markets. eNett Managing Director and CEO, Anthony Hynes, said “2017 has been an outstanding year for the business and I couldn’t be prouder of the team for making it happen. Out of the 12 awards we were shortlisted for, we took home eight. These award wins are a testament to all of the hard work this year, be that from the marketing team, sales, customer service, or “Repay the eNett Way” volunteers – everyone has played their part in eNett’s success. We are ready for an equally amazing 2018.”

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12 Dec 2017
A Year in Review for Travel
2017 is shaping up to be a record-breaking year for the travel industry. Between January and August, destinations worldwide welcomed an incredible 901 million international tourist arrivals. That’s a 7% increase on 2016 and well above the growth of previous years. This strong performance might come as a surprise to many given the challenges the sector has had to navigate. From Brexit uncertainty, civil unrest and a new US president, it has been far from plain sailing. And there have been inevitable winners and losers. However, the overall growth is a testament to the industry’s ability to respond. Here’s a recap of some of the highs and lows over the past year, and ways travel companies can continue the growth trajectory in 2018: Asia and the Middle East dominated fast-growth destinations: International travel has continued to increase at pace, with consumers looking for more exotic and culturally rich destinations. Mastercard’s 2017 Destination Cities Index indicated that Asia and Middle East destinations were the ones to watch, with Osaka, Chengdu, Colombo and Abu Dhabi featuring high on the list of fast-growth destinations over the past 12 months. This trend shows no signs of abating, bringing with it exciting growth opportunities for travel companies to do business in new markets. However, companies should be taking the simple step to re-examine cross-border payment strategies to satisfy customer demand while keeping the costs of international transactions low. As well as expanding payment options to match preferences in new international markets. Airline collapses delivered a warning over supplier default: The collapses of Monarch and Air Berlin were distressing for thousands of travellers and employees. The move into administration from Monarch alone was expected to impact 860,000 people who lost bookings, 110,000 holiday makers overseas and of course its 2,100 employees. But the impact extends far beyond holidaymakers and employees, with supplier default having a knock-on effect on many other individuals and businesses. Our own analysis shows 28 airlines ceased trading in 2017 alone. Travel companies must learn from this and look to digital payment methods to protect themselves and their customers from supplier default. Currency volatility dominated: From Brexit fallout to an unexpected win for President Donald Trump, major political and economic events across the world have seen currencies fluctuate dramatically. This volatility has become the new normal, making it increasingly difficult for travel companies to predict the final cost of a holiday months in advance. They are already operating at tight margins and a sharp drop in the value of currencies could represent huge losses when it comes to settlement. Some companies pass this on to customers which ultimately doesn’t benefit anyone. This highlighted the need for companies to protect themselves from future currency fluctuations through how they pay, such as locking in FX rates at the time of booking. Brexit uncertainty continued: Despite being nearly 18 months on from the UK’s vote to leave the EU, we are still a long way from really knowing exactly how the travel industry will be impacted. The recent news that airlines are drawing up plans to alert passengers that advance bookings cannot be guaranteed after Brexit highlights the level of uncertainty that has prevailed in 2017, and demonstrates how travel companies have been using this time to prepare for all eventualities. The travel industry has done well to continue to grow against a backdrop of complex economic and political factors. I have no doubt 2018 will also bring its fair share of challenges, but the lessons learnt from this year will give travel companies the tools they need to they to minimise the impact of global events, while maximising the opportunities of growing international markets present. For more comment and insight take a look at our other blogs.

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