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It pays to know:
Virtues of enett VANs for Airlines.

As a business, eNett is committed to working with our travel agency customers, airlines and other stakeholders, to provide payment solutions that benefit all participants in the travel value chain.   

That’s why we have produced this report which explores the numerous benefits airlines can gain from accepting eNett Virtual Account Numbers, including risk-free distribution, faster cash flow, reduced fraud, increased sales, and stronger travel agency partnerships.

It pays to know.

It pays to know:
A travel agency's guide to airline failures.

Between 2003-2018, 846 airlines permanently ceased operating. These failures can expose travel agencies and, indirectly, end travellers, governments and taxpayers to the impacts of supplier default.

eNett has invested into a six month research effort to expose the history and factors that trigger airline failures, and provide best practice guidelines that travel agencies can use to mitigate impacts. It pays to know.

It pays to know:
Fraud in travel payments.

The impact of fraud on travel intermediaries is expected to exceed USD25B by 2020. Understandably, this is a major concern for travel companies. 

eNett engaged global payments focused consultancy, Edgar, Dunn & Company, to create a special report which presents key findings of research derived from hundreds of interviews with industry experts and travel intermediaries around the world, as well as insights from our own fraud team. It pays to know.

It pays to know:
Customer experience.

Customer experience leaders stand out. Perform better. And boast strong customer loyalty and advocacy. Combined with a powerful employee experience, that translates into growth, customer advocacy and business success.

Companies who are leaders in customer experience typically achieve greater operational and financial outcomes. Measuring your customer experience may seem complex. So we've built the resources so you can quantify your customer experience and take the next steps.

It pays to know:
The True Cost of Payments.

Chances are, payments cost you more than you think. The direct costs are obvious. But it's the indirect, hidden costs that make the difference. Knowing the true costs of payments is the first step to bringing them down. Calculate the true cost of payments for your business and find out what can be done to bring them down.