This is... Mike Morley

This is eNett.  A series where we profile some of the awesome people at eNett. In each post, we’ll talk a bit about what makes them tick and why they love what they do. 

This is Mike Morley. He joined eNett in December 2017 as a Relationship Director and has since been promoted to Senior Director, EMEA Strategic Accounts based in our London office. Mike has 16 years’ experience working in travel, managing sales & account management teams. We had a chat with him about life inside and outside of eNett.

Tell us about your role, what to do you do at eNett?

In my current role, I lead the team responsible for our superstar customers in EMEA. My role is to ensure we are fully engaged at multiple levels with all our strategic customers and developing our relationships. We work on continuously refining and integrating our services into the customers’ workflows so that our partnership with them becomes extremely beneficial.

What keeps you motivated every day?

For me, motivation is driven by a number of factors which include hard work and effort, and achieving clear visible results- be it a step up in volume or someone from the team achieving a tangible goal. This keeps me motivated and drives me to achieve the next goal. I also get motivated by seeing the teams around me working equally as hard which makes me want to keep pushing.

Why did you decide to join eNett?

I remember interacting with eNett a number of years ago, and at that point, I thought to myself - that sounds like a great company to work for. A couple of years later during my interviews, I felt the culture and the work ethic would be something I would be well suited to. And I certainly have not been proven wrong. For me, it’s been a great nine months which has flown by, and a huge contributor to that has been the people I’m surrounded by.

Finally, tell us something about Mike. What else keeps you busy?

I’m a keen golfer and try to play as much as I can which has not been so frequent in the last two years since my son has come along. This year, I have been trying to get back into cycling which has been helped by the good weather the last couple of months.


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