This is...Kristian Kish

This is eNett. A series where we profile some of the awesome people at eNett. In each post, we’ll talk a bit about what makes them tick and why they love what they do.

This is Kristian Kish. Kris started at eNett in 2016 as Head of Insights, based in Australia. We had a chat to him about life inside and outside of eNett.

Tell us about your role?

I oversee a team that provides eNett with customer and industry insights to inform and influence a range of activities. From what eNett communicates to the market and how through to the types of customers which could benefit the most from eNett’s product. 

What is it like here at eNett?

Reflecting on my time here, some observations are that we have a good balance of fun and hard work. In some cases, hard work is what makes things fun. We have a very strong group of people overall and great subject matter experts in specific functions, which makes getting the job done easier, more fun, and enables everyone to deliver better results for our customers. One of the perks of eNett is being able (and sometimes encouraged) to take some down time to explore the local arear that we are travelling in for work. It’s hugely positive and distinguishes eNett from other companies I’ve worked for.

Did anything surprise you when you joined eNett?

eNett’s customers. I had something of a picture from interviews, but I didn’t truly know the extent of our customer base. We have some well-known large customers in the travel space and we provide them various tailored solutions in addition to our standard products. And since then we have signed up even more. It’s exciting to be part of eNett’s growth.

What do you get here that you don’t get anywhere else?

At eNett, good ideas get the chance to take off. Whether you are talking about a change that needs to happen, a new way of doing something, or fundraising for Repay the eNett Way. If the idea is good, it has a reasonable chance of being executed.

Was the role at eNett what you were looking for?

Definitely! The role overall was already aligned to what I was looking for, and I have had the opportunity to shape the role, which helps. eNett feels quite flexible in terms of adapting the position within reason, which helps to develop areas where people may want to focus. This type of flexibility can also offer new joiners an opportunity to showcase relevant skills or knowledge early, helping to shorten time of demonstration of value, which I think provides a good start.

Finally, What do you do outside of work that energises you?

Holidays energise me, and we go on awesome holidays, mainly because my partner is a fantastic holiday organiser. Since meeting her we have had incredible holidays to all kinds of great locations. Even if you go for a week that can really boost energy levels and gain clarity of thought.


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