This is... Jasmine Nguyen

This is eNett. A series where we profile some of the awesome people at eNett. In each post, we’ll talk a bit about what makes them tick and why they love what they do.

This is Jasmine Nguyen. She joined eNett in 2017 as a Salesforce Developer with aspirations to become a Certified Salesforce Architect. We had a chat to her about life inside and outside of eNett.

Tell us about your role at eNett.

As a Salesforce Developer, my role involves looking after the Salesforce system and developing new features on the platform. Personally, I think being a Salesforce Developer can be quite different compared to other developers. The biggest differences are the tools that we use and the development process. For example, in Salesforce, we’re encouraged to build through point-and-click development before writing code, which we only do when necessary. This is to reduce the cost and time and increase the Salesforce system’s maintainability.

What do you like about working at eNett?

Honestly, it’s been a great experience. eNett is a place where working hard and having fun go together, so it’s never stressful working here. The people are awesome they are helpful, approachable and understanding. As a fresh graduate, there’s a lot to learn and lots of questions to ask. My team and everyone else are always more than happy to answer my questions and help me when I need it. So overall the experience has been very positive. People work hard but at the same time have fun too. It is not a typical, 9-5 office. eNett employees have their flexibility in choosing their working hours and dress code. We are outcome focussed. Overall, I just feel very comfortable being who I am every day I go to work.

Why did you decide to join eNett?

The culture: bold, fun, fast, easy. I knew that eNett’s culture would fit me, and vice versa. Also, eNett values each individual’s potential and is willing to invest in their people, give them the support they need to grow. For these reasons, I chose eNett.

Finally, tell us something about Jasmine, what else keeps you busy?

Professionally, I like to study on the weekends about everything and anything Salesforce-related or coding in general. Personally, I am quite into the gym, my favourite thing to do is weight training. I like the challenge of pushing my body. Oh! And I am a huge Liverpool football fan!


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