This is... Daniel, Olivia & Ivan

This is eNett. A series where we profile some of the awesome people at eNett. In each post, we’ll talk a bit about what makes them tick and why they love what they do.

This is Olivia Crook (QA), Ivan Ting (Infrastructure) and Daniel Majoinen (Development), three of our interns. We had a chat with them about life inside and outside of eNett.

So, having settled into eNett, tell us what you do?

Olivia: I work alongside three Developers and another QA to deliver safe, reliable and easy to use systems to our customers. Essentially, I try to break code until I am certain a system will be reliable in production. My role is perfect for someone who is inquisitive and likes to know how things piece together.

Ivan: My role is about helping eNett employees experience as few problems as possible relating to their daily computing needs. Every day is different, and something new that I have never worked on, which makes things interesting and fun.

How’s your time at eNett going?

Olivia: It’s a lot of fun. There are always events and games going on around the office to encourage everyone to be enthused about their work.

Daniel: It’s the epitome of doing what you love while having fun doing it. Everyone at eNett is passionate about what they do, hardworking and always ready to help.

What’s your favourite thing about eNett?

Ivan: Working with like-minded individuals who are all striving to better themselves and others. We are a fun place to work, where everyone around you is nice and always willing to help.

Daniel: Everyone’s passion for working hard while having fun at the same time. eNett’s four values of Bold, Easy, Fast and Fun really are a true representation of what it’s like.

What made you choose eNett?

Olivia: The culture is what convinced me to work here. Even throughout the interview process I could tell there was a relaxed atmosphere and people enjoyed their work.

Daniel: Walking out of my first-round interview, I knew I’d really enjoy working at eNett. The enthusiasm from the interviewers and atmosphere around the office made it seem like a really great place to work.

What would you tell future #teamenett interns?

Olivia: Don’t be hesitant to be vocal around what your passionate about, what drives you and what you want to learn. The environment is really supportive; they want to see you succeed. If there is an area of the business that you are eager to work in, let them know! Although I love QA work, I know if I wanted to discover new skills as a Developer or in DevOps they would be supportive and provide me the tools needed for me to get there.

Ivan: Be willing to learn, work with others and have fun along the way.

Daniel: Take the time you need to learn and take in as much as you can. Everyone here is ready to help you out when needed so feel free to ask away! If you’re inclined to, join in as many activities as possible to make the most of your time at eNett, and don’t forget, most importantly, enjoy yourself!


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