Repay the enett Way.

Building better lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


At eNett, we have the privilege of seeing the positive impact that travel and globalisation has on the world. But also see local communities who have been displaced by economic development. We want to help.

So each year, we pick a country or cause. We draw attention to the issues faced by these communities and take a hands-on approach in making a difference to their way of life.

In the spirit of doing things differently, we don't just hand over donations to charities. We get deeply involved and provide real tangible items for those less fortunate. That's what 'Repay the eNett Way' is all about - educating, inspiring and equipping underprivileged people living in key travel destinations.


This year our focus is Cape Town, South Africa.

Travel and tourism is a significant industry in South Africa, contributing to almost 10% of GDP and total employment in South Africa. Yet 23% of the population in South Africa live in slums. Nearly 25% of students don’t finish primary school.

Greater levels of education and literacy can provide those communities with the skills they need to build a better future.
Poor infrastructure is one of the barriers for education. So we’ve partnered with Mellon Educate to help renovate a school in Cape Town, South Africa.

Get involved

Join us at Mellon Educate's Building Blitz in November 2017 and give a helping hand in building better infrastructure for children in Cape Town, South Africa. Or, you can make a donation! Please let them know we sent you by writing 'eNett Referral' in the remittance field when donating.


Last year we launched 'Repay the eNett Way', selecting Cambodia as the first country to benefit. Together we:

Provided a local Cambodian man with training to build a new career in the travel industry;
Sponsored a young boy to learn English;
Volunteered support for local orphanages;
Provided skills for income generation for mothers of children in education.