Repay the eNett Way.

eNett is a socially responsible brand, with an understanding of the issues affecting the travel industry and the people who live in places impacted by its development. In line with our travel industry specialisation, we want to draw attention to the issues faced by communities displaced by globalisation, and take a hands-on approach in making a difference to their way of life.

In the spirit of doing things differently, we don't just hand over donations to charities, we also feel the need to get deeply involved and provide real tangible opportunities for those less fortunate. That's what 'Repay the eNett way' is all about - educating, inspiring and equipping underprivileged people living in key travel destinations.


Sreng answers: Why tour guide training?

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Repay the eNett Way: Tour Guide Training.


Guiding the way to a better future.

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eNett helps underprivileged Cambodian resident to build a new career in the travel industry.

Press Release

eNett selects Cambodia as first country to benefit from ‘Repay the eNett way’ initiative.