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What are VANs?

A Virtual Account Number, or VAN, is an automatically generated 16-digit MasterCard number that makes payments between travel agencies and their suppliers fast, easy and safe.

Because a unique number is used for each new booking or payment transaction, VANs are a secure way to pay or be paid. What’s more, VANs are seamlessly integrated into existing booking flows and can be used to facilitate payments anywhere MasterCard is accepted online.

Why do I need them?

In addition to being fast, easy and safe VANs facilitate lower cost travel content, enabling travel agencies to better serve your customers and grow your business cost-effectively.

For travel suppliers, VANs provide immediate, guaranteed payment while offering access to a wider network of agencies worldwide.

VANs also protect against fraud and supplier default, which remain the top payment concerns for the industry*. Each unique 16-digit VAN has associated payment parameters and is protected by MasterCard’s guarantee. By integrating with agency workflows, eNett VANs also make the entire payments process much quicker and more efficient.

*PhoCusWright Payments Report 2013

Innovative payments at your agency's finger tips

Making payments to suppliers doesn’t have to be laborious. VANs integrate into your existing workflows, to make the process faster and easier.

Through automated reconciliation, VANs generate significant efficiency gains, saving you time and money. In addition to earning a rebate on every transaction*, you can save up to 3% on international payments through a range of FX options.
eNett can support travel businesses in more than 70 countries and generate VANs in over 30 currencies. Ready to get started? We can get you up and running within days.

*VANs terms and conditions apply

Fast, guaranteed payments for travel suppliers

As a travel supplier, you’ll know that delayed payments can be costly to your business. But with VANs, you’re paid instantly and it’s guaranteed.

You can also optimise your inventory by offering dynamic and net rates for immediate payment. And because we can get agents up and running within days, you can access a wider network of agencies globally. Better still, VANs are processed like a normal card payment – so you don’t have to make any changes to existing processes.

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About eNett: simplifying payments so you can get back to business

eNett International was established to tackle the issue of complicated travel payments head-on. Combining decades of payment expertise with in-depth travel industry knowledge, we are leading the way in developing innovative business-to-business payment solutions that make payments fast, easy and safe. The result? You spend less time on payments, and more time with your customers.

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Latest Press Release

24 Oct 2016
Österreichische Verkehrsbüro selects eNett Virtual Account Numbers for lower cost, streamlined payments
24, October 2016: Travelport Austria and eNett International today announce that Österreichische Verkehrsbüro has selected eNett Virtual Account Numbers for secure, efficient payments. One of the leaders in Austria’s domestic travel industry, Österreichische Verkehrsbüro will now replace physical cards with Virtual Account Numbers (VANs) across its branch network of 118 travel agencies. As the largest chain of leisure and business travel agencies in Austria, Österreichische Verkehrsbüro deals with a high volume of bookings. Finding a lot of agent’s time was being spent on processing and reconciling transactions manually, Österreichische Verkehrsbüro wanted a solution that would automate the payments process, while reducing risk. Working with Travelport Austria, Österreichische Verkehrsbüro selected eNett VANs. An eNett VAN is a unique 16-digit MasterCard number generated for each individual transaction, with user defined payment parameters – providing a low cost and secure alternative to physical card. As VANs seamlessly integrate with all leading GDSs through a simple API, Österreichische Verkehrsbüro’s agents will be able to make payments through the booking workflow, increasing efficiency. Added to the automated reconciliation and rebate on every transaction1, this will generate significant time and cost savings for the company. Helmut Richter, member of the extended management team at Österreichische Verkehrsbüro, said, “As a chain of travel agencies with very high booking traffic, in particular in the sensitive business travel sector, our objective is to remove the risk for us and our customers as much as possible. In addition, we are focussed on increasing efficiency, automating processes wherever possible. Working with Travelport and eNett enables us to meet both those objectives.” With a shared interest in providing a more secure and efficient supplier payment solution, Travelport Austria and eNett have partnered together to bring innovative payment solutions to the Austrian travel market. Österreichische Verkehrsbüro is the first customer resulting from the partnership. “eNett VANs minimise the risk of fraud by eliminating the need for a physical card altogether,” explains Travelport Austria Managing Director Rudolf Mertl. “We are operating in a dynamic market that demands flexible solutions, and by being able to integrate with all GDS platforms, VANs bring new levels of payments efficiency. This saves valuable time and resources which can be better spent growing the business. We look forward to bringing the benefits of VANs to more travel companies in Austria.” eNett Managing Director and CEO Anthony Hynes said, “eNett is dedicated to eliminating the painpoints of B2B supplier payments for travel companies around the world. Partnering with Travelport Austria means we can offer Austrian travel agents an innovative lower cost alternative to outdated traditional payment methods, and make a real difference to their bottom line.” Each VAN is protected under the MasterCard guarantee, which includes sophisticated chargeback capabilities for protection in the event of supplier default. To find out more about VANs and the benefits they can bring to your company contact the Travelport Austria Sales Team for more information. ENDS 1. VANs terms and conditions apply

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Latest Blog Post

04 Oct 2016
Payments: more than just a number
Have you ever thought about what those 16-digits on a credit card mean, and more importantly, the information that these numbers are giving away? Each number, or groups of numbers, represent the type of card, the network provider and the issuer. But what if the numbers could be used to convey so much more…I was recently asked what advances in payments we should expect in the next five years. For me, when it comes to transactions, it’s all about data! In a world where ‘big data’ is seemingly endlessly talked about, the value of information has never been higher. For example, MasterCard has a dedicated analytics centre to analyse the 10 petabytes (a million gigabytes) of transaction data globally to identify spending trends. But what if the card number itself could carry a discount code, confirm trading terms, as part of a commercial agreement between a supplier and an agent?When it comes to traditional credit cards with their static single number, this wouldn’t be possible. But as virtual cards are digital and unique to each individual transaction, this isn’t beyond the realms of reality. Nor is it in the distant future. I can see a time where Virtual Account Numbers can be embedded with code reflecting the commercial agreement between an airline and consolidator for example, or an OTA and a hotel. We already have an agreement with a major supplier, which will see agents who pay by VANs have the surcharges applied to traditional credit card payments reduced. As transactions increasingly become digital, I’m excited about the future possibilities of Virtual Account Numbers, and the value they can bring beyond the transaction amount.

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