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What are VANs?

A Virtual Account Number, or VAN, is an automatically generated 16-digit Mastercard number for fast, easy, safe payments between travel companies and travel suppliers.

A unique number is used for each new booking or payment transaction. Making VANs a secure way to pay or be paid. VANs allow payments and bookings from the same workflow, seamlessly integrated into all booking platforms. And they’re accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted online .

What's the advantage?

Fast, easy and safe supplier payments. Access to more travel content. eNett VANs drive better payments so you can serve your customers. Better.

For travel suppliers, VANs give immediate, guaranteed payments. All while offering access to a wider agency network, worldwide.

Pay airline, hotel, car rental and other suppliers within your existing booking flows. Your payments process is faster and lower cost with VANs. And, backed by the Mastercard guarantee including sophisticated chargeback capabilities, VANs protect against fraud and supplier default.

Awesome travel supplier payment solutions.

Making payments to suppliers doesn’t have to be laborious. VANs integrate into your existing workflows, to make the process faster and easier.

Through automated reconciliation, VANs generate significant efficiency gains, saving you time and money. In addition to earning a rebate on every transaction*, you can save up to 3% on international payments through a range of FX options.
eNett can support travel businesses in more than 70 countries and generate VANs in over 30 currencies. Ready to get started? We can get you up and running within days.

*VANs terms and conditions apply

Guaranteed payments for travel suppliers. Fast.

You know how much payment delays cost your business. With eNett VANs, you’re paid instantly. And it’s guaranteed.

Immediate payment allows travel companies to take up your dynamic and net rate offers. And because we get agents up and running in days, you access a wider network of agencies across the globe. Better still, you don’t have to change any existing process. VANs are processed exactly like a normal card payment. The only difference is there’s less chance of card fraud. Safer all round.

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eNett. B2B payment game changers.

We simplify the complexities of business-to-business payments. Combining decades of payment expertise with in-depth travel industry knowledge, we develop innovative, accessible and secure B2B online payment solutions that reduce risk and drive more travel content. Fast, easy and safe payment solutions mean you spend less time on payments. And more time with customers. Driving revenue, and better business performance.


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Latest Press Release

12 Jun 2017
eNett wins International CSR Excellence Award
‘Repay the eNett Way’ programme recognised for helping Cambodian communities to build sustainable futures eNett International, a leading provider of dedicated B2B payment solutions, has been awarded an International CSR Excellence Award for its ‘Repay the eNett Way’ programme. The company picked up the award in the socio-economic category at the Houses of Parliament in London, which celebrated corporate efforts in social responsibility from around the world. eNett was awarded an International CSR Award for its work in Cambodia, where it worked to support a community in the disadvantaged slum-town Andong in Phnom Penh. Through employee and company fundraising donations US$12,000 was raised. Two individuals from the town were given life-changing sponsorships; the first to qualify as a travel tour guide and the second to gain a scholarship at one of the top local English speaking universities so that he could pursue his dream of becoming a translator. The second stage of the programme saw a group of eight employees from eNett travel to Phnom Penh to get truly hands-on. The team helped make improvements for the wider community, including refurbishing a charity-led sewing centre and building a new playground for the local children. The fundraising also subsidised the building of a new sustainable, clean water supply in the town. eNett founder and CEO, Anthony Hynes, said: “eNett is a company that has grown rapidly year-on-year and we have the travel industry to thank for this. We wanted to give something back and that’s how ‘Repay the eNett Way’ was born. Having seen the difference we made to the Andong community, I would encourage others in the travel industry to get involved. It has been an enriching experience, which brought together the global eNett team. We’re already looking forward to building on our achievements with the next iteration of the programme as we head to South Africa.” The inaugural ‘Repay the eNett Way’ CSR programme was launched in March 2016 to help educate, inspire and equip local communities displaced by tourism in high-growth travel destinations. Through the initiative, eNett aims to improve the education and job opportunities for local people so that they can build sustainable futures for themselves, and take advantage of a growing tourism industry. eNett recently announced the next ‘Repay the eNett Way’ beneficiary as South Africa. The company is supporting African development charity Mellon Educate’s ‘Building Blitz’, which brings people together from all over the globe to build schools in underprivileged South African communities. eNett is currently raising money to support Mellon Educate with its preparation. And later this year, some of the team will travel to Cape Town to help renovate a school for the children in a local underprivileged township.

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Latest Blog Post

22 Jun 2017
Eight Entrepreneurial Essentials
Today marks eight years since we started on our journey to shake up the travel payments industry – and what a journey it’s been! From a tiny no-frills office near Heathrow airport, to offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and America. And we’re still expanding…..growing 64% YoY in 2016. As a founder, I get asked a lot about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. So, in honour of our eighth birthday, here are eight entrepreneurial essentials for success: 1. Be boldWhen it comes to funding, don’t be intimidated by a job title or a company name – think big and aim high! Don’t be afraid to knock on the door of the CEO. eNett wouldn’t have come about if I didn’t push hard to get a meeting with Travelport – a multi-billion dollar giant in the travel industry. 2. Make it countThey’re called ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities for a reason. So practice, be at your best and give it everything. Remember, investors are just as interested in your passion as your PowerPoint. When I got a chance to pitch to the MD of Travelport for investment, he had to cancel the meeting to catch a plane – so I pushed hard and he agreed to meet in the back of his taxi! We signed a joint venture a few months later.3. Be unwavering in your beliefIf you don’t have 100% belief in your offering, don’t bother. It’s that belief that’s going to give you the energy and tenacity to make it into reality. I was shocked at how old fashioned and manual payment processes were in the travel industry. That’s when I had my Eureka moment for Virtual Account Numbers. It was two years before the concept became reality, and required a lot of input from a lot of people, but I never doubted it, and was able to project that unshakeable confidence to others. 4. Scale up before you get customers – not afterIn today’s digital age, it’s never been more important to build your infrastructure today based on anticipated demand five years down the line. Nothing gives a poor customer experience more than not being able to log in on your website. Think like a big company from the outset! 5. Hire the best peopleI’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, but the truth is you’re only as good as the team around you. Take the time and effort to find and hire the best people, and it will pay dividends. Never be afraid to hire people better than you. As I always say, “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” 6. Cultural fit firstAttitude first, then aptitude! Hire people who will fit in and support the culture of the brand you want to promote. This is especially important in the early stages of a company. My view is you can always teach skills, but you can’t teach culture. 7. Talk to your customersThis may seem obvious, but I’ve seen too many great companies think they know what customers want, without asking them! Talk to them, more importantly, listen to them, and be flexible enough to adjust your offering accordingly. Even as CEO I still talk to as many customers as I can. And fly over half a million miles a year to do so. My EA tells me that’s enough to get to the moon, but there’s no customers there, yet! 8. Always be asking: what’s next?Standing still is the same as going backwards! You need to look at where the trends are heading five years or ten years down the line and start planning for that now. That’s why market insights are so important. We transitioned from challenger to industry leader in such a short space of time because we anticipated trends like greater digitisation and more global travel, and amended our VANs offering to meet those trends well ahead of time.

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